Fundamentals of excellent exercise form

10.42 Here are six basics of first-class exercise technique:

a. Before you can apply good exercise technique you first need to know what good exercise technique is. Please study the insider's tell-all handbook on weight-training technique very carefully. ^is book covers all the major and accessory exercises just listed.

b. Before a set, review the correct exercise form you need to use.

c. Never charge into a set, grab the bar and then realize after the first rep that you took an imbalanced grip, the wrong stance, or are lopsided while on a bench. Get perfectly positioned for every set you do.

d. Be 100% focused and attentive while you train—always! Never be overconfident or casual.

e. For each work set, only use a poundage that lets you just squeeze out your target reps in good form. Most trainees use more weight than they can handle correctly. ^is leads to cheating and a loss of control, and makes injury inevitable—and sooner rather than later.

f. Lift the weight, do not throw it; and lower it, do not drop it. Use control at all times. Regularly perform the "pause test."

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