Framework 1 Fullbodyroutine program

12.6 ^is involves a single full-body routine that is performed only as often as can be coped with, e.g., twice a week, or once every fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh day. Because each workout is identical, the same exercises get trained each workout. Here is an example of a full-body-routine program:

General warmup a. Squat b. Parallel bar dip c. Stiff-legged deadlift d. Dumbbell press e. Pulldown or pullup f. Barbell curl g. Calf work h. Crunch situp Cool down

12.7 Assuming you really are training intensively, to train twice a week on the same full-body routine is too much for many if not most drug-free typical people.

12.8 Particularly in the pre-steroids era, working out three times a week on a full-body routine was a common way to train. But the factor often responsible for making this type of training productive was that only one of the three weekly workouts was intensive. ^e other two weekly workouts were performed in a relatively leisurely fashion, with reduced weights—i.e., "light" and "medium" workouts.

12.9 To train hard and productively on the same set of exercises every workout, most people need to reduce their training frequency to no more than once every four or five days, or three times every two weeks. Many people would be better off training just once a week when using a single high-intensity full-body routine. ^is can be a super-efficient way to train, especially for people with busy lives.

12.10 You may be able to train some exercises productively with full-bore intensity more often than others. Perhaps you can train your accessory exercises (e.g., calf, neck and waist work) productively twice a week, but only be able to train your major core exercises really hard once a week. Few drug-free trainees can train with 100% effort in the squat, deadlift, stiff-legged deadlift or bench press twice a week every week. You could, however, still train your big core exercises twice a week, but make one of those workouts only moderate-intensity for those specific exercises, e.g., train them using your usual rep count but with only about 80% of your usual weights. However you train, though, you must stimulate growth without overtraining.

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