16.84 Running shoes and other types with a lot of cushioning (including air and gel) in them are not suitable for weight training. ^ey distort and deform under heavy loads in exercises where you are standing, and can throw your balance and spoil your exercise groove. Get yourself some purpose-designed lifting shoes that minimize deformation when you are lifting heavy weights. You may even find that a pair of sturdy outdoor walking shoes will serve you better than regular training shoes.

16.85 ^ough an apparently small detail, even a small change in the size of the heel you wear, or the relative difference between the heel and sole thickness of your shoes, can mar your training. ^is especially applies to the squat and deadlift, though a change in balance factors can have a negative effect on some other exercises, e.g., the curl.

16.86 When your training balance is accustomed to a given heel height, you will disturb it if you change the heel height and immediately recommence heavy training. As little as quarter of an inch variation can make quite an impact. Once you have found a heel height that suits you, stick to it, though you may prefer to use footwear without heels for when you deadlift.

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