Focus and mental ferocity

9.43 Weight training must be a very serious business if you want it to be successful. When you are in the gym you cannot afford to divide your attention between training and anything else. 7ere is no room for compromise. Get all your problems and concerns out of your mind when it is time to train.

9.44 Your focus should peak for each work set. For the duration of each work set you must "become" the set. Nothing else matters other than the safe and intensive completion of that set. You cannot correct a bad set, so make sure that you give your all and do not produce a bad set.

9.45 High-rep sets demand the most sustained concentration because they take longer to perform than lower-rep sets. ^e concentration is needed not just to drive you on mentally, but to ensure you use good form. For high-rep work, having a knowledgeable person watching your form, and verbally reminding you of technique points, can be invaluable for ensuring you do not let your form break down. Concentration is easier to maintain for a short-duration set than a long-duration one. Keep this in mind if you find that your concentration powers diminish quite quickly in a set. In such a case you would be better off avoiding high-rep work.

9.46 Do not coast through the early weeks of a cycle and expect to turn on the mental ferocity needed for full-bore work when you need it. Practice applying focus and mental ferocity in all your workouts. If you do not do this you will find that weights which should be relatively comfortable at the start of a cycle, actually feel heavy. If you save your training ferocity for only the final stretch of a cycle, when you get to that stage you may find that you do not know how to deliver the needed ferocity.

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