Fixedday vs variableday training

13.37 Most people probably find fixed-day training more practical and successful than variable-day training. Being locked into the seven-days-per-week life program also locks training into that program. Training every fourth day would mean, for example, Monday, Friday, Tuesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Sunday, etc. ^at is six different training days over the course of three consecutive weeks. ^is is impractical for many people. A fixed Monday-Friday, Tuesday-Saturday, or Monday-Friday-Wednesday-Monday schedule is likely to be more practical. But with fixed training days you can approximate ideal rest intervals. ^e Monday-Friday-Wednesday-Monday schedule comes close to training every fourth day. ^e big advantage of having fixed gym days is that you know your training days and non-training days, and can organize your weeks accordingly.

13.38 But a fixed schedule of training days should not be written in stone. You must be constantly alert to the signs of impending overtraining, and be ready to adjust your training days, routine design, and volume of training accordingly (not just weight training, but aerobic work too).

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