Fantasyland muscular girths

4.8 For drug-free typical bodybuilders the muscular girths of the competitive elite are light years removed from our reality, including our reality even after years of sound training. Draw motivation from elite-level accomplishments, but get your feet firmly back to earth when it comes to designing and implementing your own training program. If you do not do this you will tread the same road to training ruin that millions have already travelled.

4.9 ^e top men are astonishingly big and strong, but are notorious for exaggerating their lifts and muscular girths. And it is not just the top men who do this. Plenty of big and not-so-big men add a fictitious inch or two to each of their muscular girths, and knock off an inch or few from their waist measurements. An 18-inch arm is huge, and a 19-inch arm is enormous. But men with 18-inch arms tag on two fictitious inches to make the magic 20, and those with 19-inch arms inflate their measurements to 21 or more. A 17-inch arm is very big, but that, too, is usually added to, to stand comparison with other exaggerated measurements.

4.10 But both the actual and inflated measurements and exercise poundages are irrelevant when it comes to you, your training and your goals. Get real about what matters most as far as training is concerned—you and your training.

Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture

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