Examples of how to finetune a program

If your training program is not delivering progress, you probably need to implement major changes. Once your program is working, rationally experiment with fine-tuning to see if you can increase your progress.

Consider the bench press as an illustration, but change only one variable at a time. If a change improves progress—whether in strength only or strength and size, depending on your preference—stick with it. If not, drop the change.

1. Bench press on a Monday, Friday, Wednesday, Monday, etc., frequency for a couple of months. ^en bench press just once a week for two months. ^en compare the results of the different frequency.

2. If you perform just a single work set, try two or three work sets for a couple of months. If you usually perform three work sets, try two.

3. With a training partner's assistance, perform two forced reps at the end of your final work set once a week on alternate weeks. ^is might provide the stimulus needed to progress faster. Even if it does, however, do not use forced reps on a regular basis or else they will overtrain you.

4. Keep everything else constant in your training and nutrition, but get an extra hour of sleep every night.

Modify only one variable at a time, so you can account for any change in your progress. But once your progress is going very well, stick with it and change nothing!

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^at the use of anabolic steroids is so prevalent today, among bodybuilders and strength athletes, is testimony to the barrenness of popular training methods. Without steroids those methods only work well for the genetically gifted.

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