Equipment shortcomings

6.13 Any equipment other than the basics nearly always serves to divert attention from where most application should be given (for typical hard gainers, that is). Put pec deck, cable crossover, leg extension and hack squat machines in a gym, for example, and all the most underdeveloped members will be eager to use the gear, "like the big guys do." Overwhelmed with so many different pieces of equipment, not only do members lose sight of training priorities, but so do gym owners and instructors. Spoil trainees for choice, and you spoil their progress too.

6.14 Having inferior equipment as well as well-maintained basic training gear gives you a choice. But if there is no squat rack or power rack, and the free-weights equipment is poorly maintained, you do not have a choice at that gym and need to look elsewhere.

6.15 ^e great advantage of a very well-equipped gym is that it is likely to have a power rack, squat rack and other important basic items, and maybe some of the better pieces of high-tech machinery. Ironically, the gym with the greatest source of potential distractions may actually be your best bet because among its abundance of gear is what you really need. But you need to be very knowledgeable and highly disciplined to be able to train there without getting distracted and confused.

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