During each set

16.42 Despite your having tried to ensure that you loaded the right weight and positioned the bar correctly, and adopted an even and precise stance or grip, mistakes still happen. If the first two reps do not feel right, stop and investigate to see if something is wrong. If you persist with a set that does not feel right, you will probably end up performing a bad set, being frustrated, and perhaps getting injured. And despite your precautions someone may still disturb you during a set and ruin your concentration. Whatever the problem, stop the set and have a rest for a few minutes. ^en, having corrected any error(s) you found in your concentration, weight loading, bar positioning, grip or stance, restart the set and this time perform it perfectly. Never be in such a hurry to get a set done that you accept compromises.

16.43 If you are performing singles, you have no second chance. If you get it wrong on the first rep, that is the whole set. ^e lower the rep count, the greater the need for no mistakes.

16.44 Always be under control in the negative portion of each rep of every exercise you do. Do not be in a hurry to get it over with. Take the extra second or two. Not only does this make your training safer, but it improves your form and position for the positive part of each rep. But avoid going to the extreme of making the negative excessively slow. Doing that will only weaken you for the positive phase. Use moderation.

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