DThe contribution of other forms of exercise

14.24 You may be performing other types of exercise on top of your weight training. Moderate aerobic work should not impede your gains in the gym, so long as you set about it properly, and assuming your weight-training program is sound. In fact, moderate aerobic work will improve your overall physical conditioning. ^is will increase your ability to train well with the weights and recover from workouts. But overdo the aerobic work, and you will kill your progress in the gym.

14.25 If you are seriously into other athletic activities you will make gains in the gym much harder if not impossible to produce. While your body's ability to recuperate from exercise and make progress can be improved, there are limits. ^e source of your overtrained state with the weights may rest with the other exercise you do, and thus you need to make changes there if you want to progress with your resistance training.

Do not wait until you get buried in full-blown overtraining before you appreciate the devastating impact it has, and how, on an accumulative basis, it can cost you years of your training life.

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