Dietary needs

20.11 You need a diet abundant in nutrients, and sufficient in calories so that you can gain size, unless you are looking to lose bodyfat and thus need to cut calories so that you are in an energy deficit. ^e fewer calories you need to consume, the more critical it is to ensure that your calories come from nutrient-dense foods. Calories, by the way, are units of heat energy. One gram of protein or carbohydrate yields 4 calories, and one gram of fat yields 9 calories. So you need over twice the weight of protein and carbohydrate to provide the same number of calories as pure fat.

20.12 Your caloric requirements depend upon your lean body mass, age, activity level and goals. ^e basic rule for gaining in muscle and might is to consume as many calories and nutrients as you can, but while not getting fat; and to have feeds frequently enough to prevent your getting very hungry. Many hard gainers who follow the eat-and-drink-your-way-to-size advice just become fat as a result. Excessive attention is given by some people and companies to getting hard gainers to eat and drink way too much. We are after lots of muscle, not lots of fat. A little fat accompanying a lot of muscle is acceptable, and often even necessary, but do not overdo matters and line yourself up for a lot of fat accompanying only a little muscle.

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