Degree of effort

i.ii6 "Training to failure" means taking a set to the point where you cannot move the bar any further against gravity. (Some people call this "training to momentary failure." You need to realize that there is no universal agreed definitions of "failure" in its different contexts. ^is causes confusion.) At that point of failure you either lower the resistance to a safe resting place, or a training partner helps you to complete the rep. In practice, most people could extend their "to failure" sets by several reps if they were well supervised and motivated.

1.117 Intensity can be taken further with the assistance of a training partner who provides just enough help to enable you to do reps you otherwise could not do by yourself. ^ese are called forced reps. ^ere are other intensifiers, including static holds, pre-exhaustion, negatives, back-to-back sets, and drop sets.

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