12.16 If you have excessive overlap between the two workouts you will produce two different but nevertheless full-body workouts. ^is would mean that you would be training all your major musculature twice a week. ^is is excessive for many typical drug-free trainees if the training is done with real effort each session. To produce routines with minimal overlap—but some overlap is inevitable—put exercises that involve a lot of common musculature into the same workout, or only use one of the involved exercises in the whole weekly program.

12.17 ^e above program is an example of two routines that have considerable overlap. Day one includes the squat and bench press as its major exercises, and day two could include the sumo deadlift and overhead press as its majors. ^e squat and sumo deadlift involve the same thigh, glute and lower back musculature. So that means you would be blasting your lower back at both training days each week. On such a course overtraining is likely for many trainees, and sooner rather than later. Bench pressing on one day, and overhead pressing on another, means two major sessions per week for your upper-body pushing structure. ^is may cause overtraining of the shoulders for many trainees.

12.18 In these cases the problem lies in there being only three or four days of rest between training the same major structures, which may not be enough recovery time for many trainees. Instead, arrange the same exercises so that you get a full week of rest between major strikes on the same musculature. For example, day one's major exercises could become the squat and stiff-legged deadlift or sumo deadlift, and day two's major exercises could become the bench press, overhead press, and pulldown. ^en you would have all major thigh, glute and lower back work on day one, and all the upper-body pushing on day two.

i2.ig To see the impact of this type of rearrangement of exercises while using the same training frequency and volume, experiment in the course of a training cycle. Start the cycle with an interpretation that has a lot of overlap across the two routines. Stick with it until poundage progression grinds to a halt in all your major exercises. ^en rearrange the program, using the exact same exercises, so that there is no serious overlap across the workouts. ^en you should see a new lease of life and many weeks of small but regular poundage gains across all your exercises.

12.20 To make faster progress you may need more recovery time between workouts. Try alternating the two workouts on a Monday-^ursday-Wednes-day-Monday basis. If your gains improve, or even stay at the same rate, stick with the less frequent training schedule. If progress slows or regresses, return to the twice-weekly schedule.


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