Daily review

5.83 For a few minutes every evening, review your day. Be sure you have a specific time you do this review. If you just leave it for when you can fit it in, you will end up not fitting it in.

5.84 Find out how you did in trying to make today another step towards achieving your next set of short-term goals. Have all of today's actions—training (if a training day), diet and rest—met or exceeded the goals for the day? If not, why not?

5.85 A daily critical analysis of what you did and did not do to take another step forward will help you to be more alert to improving tomorrow. Some days will be ruined by mini crises that destroy your good planning. When this happens, learn from how you coped—or did not, as the case may be—so that when something similar happens again, you are prepared for dealing with it.

5.86 Never miss this daily appointment with yourself. ^is will help to ensure— calamities excluded—that you always keep to your plan for training success. If you extend this daily review to other aspects of your life—especially work or business—you will find that it will help you there too.

5.87 Take as much control over your life as you can. Learn from your mistakes. Capitalize on the good things you have done. Do more of the positive things you are already doing, and fewer of the negative things.

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