1.112 Training routines are usually slotted into cycles. A training cycle varies the training intensity, typically over a period of about 10-12 weeks. Cycles can be shorter, or longer.

1.113 A cycle has a comfortable initial few weeks where you focus on exercise technique and ironing out any flaws. Also during this stage you get used to any exercise changes you may have incorporated into the program. ^e comfortable start gives your mind and body a break from the intensity of full-bore training. You get mentally and physically restored, and that provides the springboard for moving well into new poundage territory later on. A gaining momentum is created.

1.114 Over the cycle's initial few weeks you should fairly quickly increase your exercise poundages. ^en you hit the intensive stage, which you should drag out for as long as possible with small and gradual poundage increments. ^e more poundage gains you clock up, the more muscle gains you will make.

1.115 On the surface, beginners do not have the need for cycling that experienced trainees usually do. ^is is largely because beginners have yet to develop the ability to train very hard, and are using only very light weights relative to their ultimate potential strength. Despite this, beginners should never push themselves hard until they have learned good form, and slowly built up their weights while maintaining good form.

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