Cycle disruptions

7.36 No matter which interpretation of cycling you adopt, you have to be flexible enough to cope with the ups and downs of life, and still keep on track.

7.37 If you get a cold or other minor sickness, skip a workout or two. You may need to cut your weights back 10-20 pounds when you get back in the gym. ^en take a couple of weeks to return to where you were before getting sick. ^is will take about three weeks out of the overall gaining momentum, but will keep you firmly on track. You may not, however, need to cut back your poundages after skipping just a workout or two. You may be able to return to your usual poundages, and continue to progress. You will learn through experience when you need to cut back a bit, and when you do not need to.

7.38 Suppose you have a hectic working week, or a domestic crisis, and have to miss a workout or two and exist on half your usual amount of sleep, and skip meals. ^en you may need to cut back a little once you have returned to the gym, and take a couple of weeks to get back to where you were before the crisis.

7.39 ^is is how life is for typical people. Flow with it and adjust your short-term training to keep you on track for the medium and long term.

7.40 ^is back-pedaling in the course of a long or not-so-long cycle may even be advantageous. It provides a break that can set you up for a better shot at going deeper into new poundage territory than if you had not had that break.

Gaining Weight 101

Gaining Weight 101

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