Cut back a little get some momentum going again have some coasting weeks as well and then forge on

15.25 When you have applied rules 1-8 (and perhaps #9 too), and you cannot add a single pound to any exercise, you could try back cycling to get some gaining momentum going again. Take a few days extra rest and then cut back 5-10% in all your top sets. Drop the to-absolute-failure training if you were implementing rule #9. Take 3-4 weeks to inch back to where you were, and then forge on to a few weeks of new poundage territory. ^en, to drag it out a little more, have some coasting weeks where you intentionally repeat the poundages and reps from the previous week or two, and make no attempt to increase poundages or reps. ^is lull will enable you to garner your mental and physical resources for another spell of gaining.

rule #11

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