Critical reminders for all training programs

12.60 ^ough you may be making some gains on your current training program— even an abbreviated program—you may make better gains if you trained each exercise and/or body part less often. ^e additional rest and/or reduced demands on your recovery system may be what your body needs to make a full recovery from each workout—and thus be able to progress faster.

12.61 Put this recovery-priority thinking to the test. But this assumes that you are training hard. If you are loafing in the gym, then increasing recovery time will not help your gains. You must trigger the growth mechanism through hard work.

12.62 Before you ever jack up your training intensity you must first ensure that you are not training with excessive volume and/or frequency. Some people who are told they must train harder are already training hard enough to make progress—it is not necessary to train until you collapse in order to stimulate gains. ^e explanation for their poor or non-existent gains is that they are not resting enough between workouts to permit their bodies to grow. And because they are overtraining on their current training volume and intensity, to train even harder will only make matters worse.

^is book teaches enough variations of abbreviated training to last you a training lifetime. ^ese include different set and rep schemes, rep styles, intensity formats, cycling methods, ranges of motion, choice of exercises, equipment selection, rest periods between sets, and use of specialization programs.

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