Consistent vs sporadic 100 dedication

You may not be able to deliver consistent 100% dedication to your training, nutrition, rest and sleep schedules. While 100% dedication on a consistent basis is the ideal, good progress can still be made without it. But you must at least provide consistent 100% dedication in spurts.

Maintenance training, though demanding, is much less demanding than that needed for building new strength and development. You can relax to a degree in your total approach without losing size or strength. During maintenance work you should make no effort to increase reps or poundages. But after a period of maintenance work you must crank yourself up for 6-8 weeks of consistent 100% dedication. Get absolutely everything in perfect order for just that short period. Achieve a spurt of progress and then follow it with another maintenance period. ^is is a very practical approach for many people to adopt.

If you have only very short and infrequent growth spurts you will make minimal progress. But if you alternate a six-week period of 100% dedication with an equal period of maintenance work, and do this consistently over the course of a year, you could achieve fine progress.

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raw motivation from elite-level accomplishments, but get your feet firmly back to earth when it comes to designing your own training programs. If you do not do this you will be bang on course for treading the same road to training ruin that millions have already travelled.

1ere is a lot of promotion in this book of the deadlift, squat and bench press. lis is simply because they are three of the most productive exercises any bodybuilder, or strength or fitness trainee can perform, so long as they are done with good form. But they are not the only exercises worthy of special status as core movements.

Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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