Do not let anyone push you to train before you have fully recovered from your previous session. Do not let anyone push you to perform exercises in ways that do not suit you. Do not let anyone add unplanned exercises to your program. Do not let anyone push you to abuse forced reps and negatives. If you allow a training partner or supervisor to do any of these things, then he is going to mar your progress, and possibly injure you and stymie your gains.

5.80 Work together in an intelligent way so you do what is best for both of you. You must avoid pushing each other to do things that are reckless. A training partner or supervisor can be invaluable for pointing out form errors, making suggestions, and helping you to improve your exercise technique. But that is different from pushing you to do something that will hurt you.

5.81 One of the potential problems from having a training partner is that his specific needs, limitations, strengths and weaknesses are different from yours. Be sure that your training program suits you, and that your training partner's program suits him. While your programs may be very similar, they



are unlikely to be exactly the same. Never allow a training partner to oblige you to do something in your training that is not appropriate for you.

5.82 Remember that you must not become dependent on supervision. Always be able to train well by yourself. Have spells where you intentionally train by yourself, to be sure you can still deliver the goods alone.

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