Categories of weight training

1.121 Weight training is a broad activity in which there are several specializations. Most trainees are usually interested in more than one specialization, and there is overlap among the different classifications. Here are five categories, in no particular order.

a. Bodybuilding: Development of the musculature in a proportionate manner, with appearance and aesthetics being more important than performance.

b. Strength training: Development of strength and function taking priority over aesthetics, often with a sport in mind.

c. Olympic weightlifting: Two lifts, i.e., the snatch, and the clean and jerk, as performed at the Olympic Games, with performance being all important.

d. Powerlifting: ^e three powerlifts, i.e., the squat, bench press and dead-lift, with performance being all important.

e. All-round lifting: Over one hundred official lifts, with performance being all important.^

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