Can you gain muscle while losing fat

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20.28 Gaining mode (anabolism) and losing mode (catabolism) are opposite conditions for the body to sustain. To combine them is nigh on impossible for most drug-free typical trainees, other than perhaps raw beginners, and formerly well-developed athletes returning to training following a long layoff.

20.29 In the old "bulking up" days, there was no concern with fat gain while building muscle. Most bulkers used to gain more fat than muscle; and some used to blow up like whales, gaining up to 100 pounds at a shot in some cases.

^en they used to go to the other extreme, adopting a meat and water diet in some cases, and end up losing a lot of muscle as they dropped huge amounts of fat. ^is is very costly, both to the pocket and health.

20.30 When in muscle-building mode, minimize the fat you gain (but you almost certainly will have to gain some fat). If you overdo fat gain while building muscle, switch to a fat-loss program for a few months, to reduce your bodyfat to no more than 12% (for a male). ^en get back into gaining mode, assuming you want to build bigger muscles. But adjust your caloric intake so that you add muscle but less fat than before. Whenever you hit 15% bodyfat, change modes and trim back to 10-12%. If done properly, each time you trim back your bodyfat you will have more muscle than the previous time. When you know what you are doing, it is easier to lose fat and keep your muscle than it is to build muscle in the first place. Getting bigger muscles is the hardest part.

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

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