Builders and refiners

1.101 ^e core exercises are the ones that will build the substance of your physique. ^e secondary (or "accessory") exercises plug the gaps left by the core movements. But there are many isolation exercises, e.g., leg extension, pec deck work, lateral raises, concentration curls, cable cross overs, and triceps kickbacks that are rampant in gyms worldwide. ^ese are the detail exercises. ^e top physiques use them, and need them, because they are working on details.

1.102 Hardly any gym members, even very experienced ones, have built enough muscle to be concerned with detail isolation exercises. Some of these, however, may be appropriate for rehabilitation purposes following injury or accident. ^is type of use is for a rehabilitation professional to prescribe.

1.103 Generally speaking, the detail exercises distract you from what you should focus on if you want to get big and strong. Not only that, but they rob your recuperative system (your recovery "machinery") of some of its reserves, thus restraining if not curtailing your progress in the big building exercises. Also, because some of the detail exercises are so hostile to joints and muscles, they can cause injuries that lead to training regression.

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