Betweenset rests

13.106 At one extreme there is the take-as-much-time-as-you-want philosophy. As the other there is the take-as-little-as-possible approach. ^e former does not want to sacrifice the weights by hurrying through the workout, and is a physically less uncomfortable way to train. ^e latter philosophy is heavily concerned not only with the intensity of each individual exercise, but the overall intensity of the short-duration workout. ^is style of training usually consists of a single work set per exercise, taken to failure. ^e poundages suffer when exercises are done almost back to back, but this is supposed to be offset by the overall metabolic stimulation for muscular growth that the body may get if you can deliver the necessary intensity.

13.107 Both approaches can build big and strong bodies, as can different twists in between the two extremes. What matters most is finding an interpretation you can do consistently and with progressive poundages. You may be able to benefit from more than one approach.

13.108 Not hurrying between sets is the most practical way for most people to train—about two minutes between work sets of the smaller exercises, and more like four minutes between work sets of the biggest exercises. Shorter breaks can be taken between warmup sets. Make ninety minutes the upper limit for a workout, with an hour being a better ceiling, excluding the general warming up work, and cooling down. Organize your workout design, number of sets, and rest periods accordingly.

13.109 For many people the most practical between-sets rest period is the time it takes for a training partner to perform his set, and for weights to be changed. If there is no partner, then the time to change weights and catch one's breath is what many people apply. ^e more demanding a given exercise is, the more time that is needed to catch one's breath between sets. So naturally more time is taken between sets of squats than calf raises.

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