Beforeandafter shots

5.12 Have your photos taken this week, to display all your physique in a given number of well-lighted poses. No matter how happy or unhappy you are with how you look, get the job done so that you have a photographic record of your current condition. If you are too embarrassed to have a professional do it, get your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or sympathetic relative to do it. But have it done seriously and as well as possible.

5.13 Set a six-month target, and give your all to improving your physique as much as possible, with the litmus test being the next photo session. ^en with proof in photographic print you can see what you did with the previous six months of your life.

5.14 It is easy in bodybuilding and strength training to mull away time, go through the motions, and lose track of the passage of time. Working in six-month slots gives tremendous focus, and you will have a photographic record of what you achieved over each six-month stretch. After each photographic session, set another six-month deadline with an even more determined effort to make the next six months your most productive training period ever.

5.15 Be meticulously consistent about the conditions used for each photo session. Consider if you have poor lighting, a hairy and untanned body, unkempt long hair, long baggy shorts, and poorly focused photos of amateurish and clumsy poses for one session. ^en, next time, after a haircut, you have excellent lighting and sharp photography, and a shaven and tanned physique posed professionally in a well-fitting swim suit. You will look dramatically better in the second batch of photos even if your physique is unchanged.

5.16 Keep an album of your photographs. Refer to the album regularly. Be dissatisfied with what you see but recognize the visible improvement you have made, when you have made it. Resolve to do better, to improve the physique that currently is not good enough.

5.17 Put the resolve into practice. Do not quit on the final rep of each hard work set. Add an extra bit of iron to the bar when possible. Tighten up on loose form. Resist the bit of food you know is in excess of your daily caloric allocation. Substitute first-class food for second-rate fare. Spend the time performing aerobic work when you know you need it. Be disciplined at all times.

5.18 ^e added spark of the possibility of getting yourself in print should motivate you to take everything even more seriously than you already are. When you are in the gym, at the dining table, or doing anything else connected with your progress, think of the improvement you must make. ^en be sure to do whatever you know has to be done, every day. No loafing, no stalling, no weakening of resolve. Do it—now!—and become the best you can for the "after" shots.

5.19 When the deadline arrives, reflect on what you did over the last six months that was good, and resolve to do that again, or better. ^en reflect on what you did that was a hindrance over the last six months, and resolve not to do that again.


Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

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