Avoid excessive duplication

13.94 While some overlap between exercises is fine and even desirable, getting carried away can be destructive. If you are bent-leg deadlifting in a cycle, do not stiff-leg deadlift heavily as well. You could perform some light stiff-legged deadlifts to maintain flexibility, but do not push the exercise hard as well as the regular deadlift. An exception to this may be during deadlift specialization.

13.95 If you are bench pressing on a regular horizontal bench, do not go adding decline and incline benches. If you do not overdo the volume and frequency of each, you may be able to gain on two chest-shoulder-triceps exercises— e.g., the bench press and the parallel bar dip—but add a third one and you are likely to halt progress in them all. ^e exception to this generalization is during advanced specialization work, when multiple exercises for the same body part in the same program can be productive.

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