At the end of a cycle reduce your training for each exercise to warmups plus one intensive work set

15.7 ^e harder you train, the less of it you can do, and the less of it you can stand. ^e greater the volume of your training, the more you will need to dilute your effort to survive each workout. Reduce your training to the absolute minimum—i.e., warmups plus a single work set, per exercise—and focus all your usual efforts on the reduced training volume. ^en you should see an increase in your training intensity. ^at can make the difference between growth stimulation and muscle maintenance. You will also demand less from your recuperative powers and better enable your body to respond to the growth stimulus.

15.8 To ensure sustained progression on the biggest and most important exercises during the final leg of a cycle, severely reduce, or temporarily eliminate, all other exercises. You may even need to drop one or two of the biggest exercises in order to keep progressing on the others. For example, your progress may grind to a halt in the squat and deadlift, each trained once a week. But drop one of them and then progress in the other may keep moving forward and the cycle can continue for a while yet.

rule #5

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