As an alternative to Rule 9 increase pauses between reps in order to permit more poundage increments

15.26 While increasing the rest period between sets and exercises will help you to keep up your reps as the poundages increase, especially if you are performing multiple work sets per exercise, increasing the between-reps pauses may make a bigger contribution. As an alternative to Rule #9, take a few more seconds rest before each rep.

15.27 Only increase the length of the between-reps pauses once you have exhausted the first eight rules for sustaining progress. As you keep notching up the poundages, you can take a bit more rest between reps. ^is should be enough to get an extra few weeks of poundage progression out of your current program. ^is can gradually move you from a regular-style of rep performance to a rest-pause one. You can even let it take you all the way into a full-blown rest-pause program where you rest up to a minute between reps, actually setting the resistance down during the pauses.

15.28 Do not take each between-reps pause in a way that you increase fatigue, e.g., do not hang from the overhead bar when taking a pause while chinning; stand on a bench instead.

rule #12

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