Annual planning

7.46 If you can anticipate your annual schedule, plan your training accordingly. If you are vacationing in the wilderness for a couple of months in the summer, make sure you plan your pre-vacation cycle so that you have your peak just before you leave. Do not leave yourself short of time and unable to get well into new poundage ground. If your wife is expecting a child to be born in November, then plan your training so that you will have voluntarily ended a cycle just before the baby arrives (because the first weeks of having a newborn at home is likely to devastate your sleeping habits). If you are relocating in February, and know well in advance, plan things so that you will be in the first few weeks of a new cycle at the time—so your hard and most important training is not destroyed by the commotion that can accompany a major move.

7.47 By intelligently thinking ahead you can design your annual training schedule and the timing of your full-bore stretches so that your working out is not ruined by some out-of-the-gym factors over which you have no control. ^is is real-life training, and something you need to get to grips with, or else it will cause no end of frustration.

^e greatest number of consecutive full-bore workouts is no good if you are not recovering fully from each of them. In practice, you need to adapt your training intensity and frequency so that you are getting stronger and stronger, albeit it very slowly.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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