All Time i Practical Priorities

3.1 Here is a summary of the practical priorities I wish I had riveted myself to during my early years of training. Had these priorities been implemented I would not have wasted years of my life following unproductive training methods. Of course I am not you. But any drug-free trainee of typical genetic potential will have much in common with me. Learning from the major lessons I picked up over the years will help you to get in control of your training.

3.2 I wish I could have had a wise and uncompromising mentor to have watched over me. Someone to have given me hell if I dared even to think of anything other than the abbreviated and basics-first approach. I should have been forced to have committed the essence of this training to memory. Such mentors are very rare. Use this book as the best alternative.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

How to properly fuel your body before and after your workouts, with the right nutrients and in the right way, for maximum results week after week! Find out why protein and hardwork is not enough...and why your results will suffer unless you add these other 5 foods to your muscle-building plan.

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