Without the publicity arising from being published in newsstand bodybuilding magazines, the interchange with the authors and readers of hardgainer, and feedback from readers of my articles, this book could not exist.

Specific gratitude, in alphabetical order, is owed to John Balik, Steve Downs, Steve Holman, Bob Kennedy, Chris Lund, Peter McGough, Dave Mclner-ney, Bill Philips, Peary Rader and Joe Weider for publishing my articles.

I want to thank Jan Dellinger, Brooks Kubik, John Leschinski and Efstathios Papadopoulos, dc, for providing feedback and a sounding board during the production of this book. A special debt of gratitude is owned to Dave Maurice for his consistent rigorism, thoroughness and patience when critiquing draft copies of individual chapters.

Debts of appreciation are also owed to Carolyn Weaver for the index, Stephen Wedan for the cover illustration, Nicholas Zavallis for the cover design, and J. G. Cassoulides & Son for its dependability and expert printing.

The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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