Real Life Training Cycle for You to Learn From

17.1 ^is chapter is included for five reasons:

a. To show that a typical hard gainer, if not restricted by age or structural problems, can build up to respectable weights—in my case bent-legged deadlifting 400 pounds for 20 consecutive rest-pause reps—though the deadlift may not be the exercise that best suits your body structure.

b. To explain the real-life step-by-step practicalities of a training cycle, how a cycle is modified as it evolves, and how the ups and downs of life have to be accommodated.

c. To take you through the key lessons learned.

d. To confirm that I am no armchair instructor.

e. To show that abbreviated and basics-first training works.

17.2 ^is chapter is a revised and expanded version of an article published in issue #21 of hardgainer (November-December 1992). You are not going to get only the positive side of the training cycle. You are going to get the full story, to help equip you to avoid the mistakes I made.

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