A Factors outside the gym

14.14 While a major if not the major source of physical stress in your life is your training, stress from all aspects of life can wear you down. Depending on your circumstances, the non-training contribution to stress may exceed that from your training. If your recovery machinery goes out of order due to employment, personal or domestic factors, do not expect to continue with your usual training program and still make progress.

14.15 Here are real-life situations that can destroy your body's ability to cope with what was previously a productive training schedule: going through a major relationship problem or serious financial difficulty, working at two jobs, caring for a sick child, travelling a lot, not sleeping well, skipping meals, moving home, changing jobs, preparing for examinations.

14.16 When you are feeling well and your life is running smoothly, and thus your recovery machinery is in good order, your body has a much greater capacity for coping with and responding to training than it has when you are run ragged from your life out of the gym. ^is is why you should always modify your training to reflect how your life is going outside of the gym. It also explains why what worked for you last year when your life was running well will fail this year if your life is in a mess.

14.17 ^e conventional approach for dealing with overtraining neglects to consider seriously enough the impact of the circumstances of life outside of the gym. Training cannot be seen in a vacuum.

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