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When you need to take your cycling training indoors, you can add a "living-room loop" to your workouts. You don't need to purchase a stationary bike for your living room. You can set up your bike on a wind trainer, which creates a stationary bike from your road bike. You attach your back wheel to a roller, and the pressure of your tire against the roller and the gear you choose creates resistance. Training DVDs, such as Spinnervals (www. spinnervals.com), are available to keep you focused and motivated and if it gets a little too quiet, recruit your family members to yell an occasional, "Hey, get off the road."

An entry-level wind trainer costs between $150 and $300. You don't need a wind trainer, but it provides a great advantage when you want to train during bad weather. It also helps you get comfortable with shifting and clipping into and unclipping from your pedals if you're new to using clipless pedals.

If you have a gym membership, stationary bikes can help you work on your endurance during darkness or a rainy day. Many gyms offer spin classes — they're a great way to maintain your aerobic fitness during the winter months.

Although these classes and a stationary bike help to maintain your endurance, you still need to spend time on the road to be comfortable climbing hills, staying steady in winds, and cornering.

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