7riathlons are the new black. They're fitness fashion, and they look good on everyone.

Triathlon events are becoming as popular as the weekend 5K road race. But now, instead of closing off a neighborhood loop, race directors are setting up orange cones, yellow tape, barricades, and bike racks throughout cities and entire towns for these multi-sport events that cover anywhere from 8 miles to an awe-inspiring 140 miles.

Still, as much as we're hearing and reading about triathlons and who's training for them, the number of people crossing the finish lines of these events makes anyone who considers participating in the three-sport showdown one of the select few.

Complete a triathlon of any distance, and you qualify as an athlete of exceptional endurance and dedication. If you're considering participating in a triathlon, or you've already started training for one, this book is for you.

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

Use the same methods the American Navy Seals use to get fit and become the elite enforcers in the world today! The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide has been prepared for the SEAL community with several goals in mind. Our objective is to provide you, the operator, with information to help: Enhance the physical abilities required to perform Special Operations mission-related physical tasks Promote long-term cardiovascular health and physical fitness Prevent injuries and accelerate return to duty Maintain physical readiness under deployed or embarked environments.

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