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■ X ou find out what it means to live like an athlete. Even JL if you're new to all three sports, if you're training for a multi-sport event, you're an athlete.

Chapter 9 discusses eating for energy. Here, you find out why you need to stay hydrated before, during, and after your training and how snacking on the go and refueling during your peak recovery period after training can help you improve your performance moving forward.

Chapter 10 provides training schedules for every event and tells you how to schedule your training for efficiency. In Chapter 11, you find out how to supplement your training with stretching and strength training.

Chapter 12 covers potential injuries and possible causes. Here, you discover what you can to do prevent or relieve pain and identify when you need to give yourself time to heal. We provide information on the most common swimming-, cycling-, and running-related injuries and tell you how to treat them. We also share tips and cautions for training in hot, humid weather or in temperatures below freezing.

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