Fitting in your Workouts with Weights

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The number of strength-training workouts you incorporate into your week will depend on the time you have available. You can train and complete a triathlon without adding weight workouts, but these basic exercises can deliver big bonuses. Allow 30 minutes twice a week or 15 minutes four times a week for your strength-training workouts.

If you can't work on a muscle group at least twice a week consistently, you won't experience much benefit at all. If you're that pressed for time, focus on your running, swimming, and cycling instead.

Ideally, you should do weight workouts for specific muscle groups giving yourself 48 hours between workouts, to allow your muscles time to rest and heal. Here are tips for finding time to lift weights and deciding when to skip a workout:

✓ Break up your workouts into focused sessions of one or two muscle groups and fit those ten-minute workouts into your daily routine.

✓ Combine your workouts. Jump on your bike and ride or run to the gym, train with weights, and then ride or run home.

✓ Do your strength training on the days you're at your gym anyway for your swim training.

Don't give up a swimming, cycling, or running workout for a strength-training session. Lunges alone won't get you through any one leg of your race, so the triathlon training should take priority.

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