Eating and sleeping away from home

Depending on where you go and where you're coming from, you can be crossing time zones to get to your triathlon. It's hard enough to sleep the night before your first event as it is. Throw in a transcontinental red-eye flight, and you can find yourself at the race start with less sleep than the time it will take you to complete your event.

Only you know how you do with time changes. But add the dehydrating effects of air travel, and you can feel tired before you even begin. If you don't adjust well, don't arrive the day before your event and expect to be rested and ready. Give yourself extra time to adjust to the time change or stay closer to home.


You may also have to battle food differences. Different cuisines can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Try to stick to foods you know.

If you travel far from home, you may be leaving behind your cheering section. Be sure you're up to starting and finishing without them.

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