AC Your Rapid Fat Loss manual sounds very interesting Can you give us a basic outline of what the program contains

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LM Basically, the diet described in the Rapid Fat Loss handbook is a modified Protein sparing modified fast (PSMF). The PSMF has been around forever, it was classically used in cases of extreme obesity to generate rapid weight/fat losses while sparing body protein (hence the name). Fat loss of 1/2-2/3rds of a pound per day are not out of the question in very fat individuals. So I took that approach and modified it further. I'd say my main change has to do with adjusting protein intake based on starting bodyfat percentage (lean people get more protein than fatter) and activity (which increases protein requirements). This has a secondary effect of actually changing the total daily deficit; leaner people get a smaller deficit relative to their maintenance requirements. Along with that I added an essential fatty acid supplement. I also describe how to train on the diet (weight training being far more important than aerobics). Finally, I included free meals, refeeds and even a full diet break (where you take a full 2 weeks off of your diet) into the program. Basically, the diet is aimed at folks who need to lose a ton of weight and only have a short time to do it. Which means it's certainly not for everyone. So the athlete who needs to make a weight class in 2 weeks, the individual who needs to look good in a bathing suit 2 weeks from now, high school reunions, weddings, that kind of thing. Even bodybuilders who are behind on their prep can use it to get caught back up. Some people have used it just to get the diet over as quickly as possible. So rather than diet moderately for 6-8 weeks, they'd rather just diet hardcore for 2 weeks. And I really want to make this point clear to the readers of your newsletter, this isn't meant as an across the board kind of diet. Under most circumstances, I'd rather people take the long-view, making moderate changes. But sometimes that's just not feasible. The rapid fat loss diet is for those specific situations where you need the greatest amount of fat loss and simply don't have 12-16 weeks to get it done.

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