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CB: Fat loss nutrition is not the same as generic, health nutrition recommendations that you will get from a registered dietician.

When the dietician tells you to eat more brown bread and substitute special K for fruit loops, you will not make any progress in your advanced fat loss efforts.

It's only when you choose to eat even HEALTHIER that you will experience advanced fat loss.

To eat for advanced fat loss, you should focus on lean protein sources (preferably whole-food sources), all the green vegetables you can eat, raw nuts (not roasted in oil and salted), 3 servings of high-fiber fruit per day (increased if your personal metabolism can handle this and requires this), green tea instead of coffee, 6g of fish oils per day, and 3 servings of dairy products. That would be the starting point for an advanced fat loss food pyramid. Preferably all food would be organic.

I find it very satisfying when it finally "clicks" for a client and they realize how easy it is to eat for fat loss, and how that if they eat for fat loss 90% of the time, they can still enjoy some "non-fat loss" foods in moderation.

Plus, the list of fat loss foods I have outlined is healthier than the sugar-coated list of recommendations you get from a generic R.D. Instead of getting a vague recommendation to eat a little more salad and a vegetable at dinner, if you focus on eating at least 1 serving of a high-fiber, green vegetable at every one of your 6-8 mini-meals per day, you will be healthier and leaner.

Once you get the fat loss food habit down, you will be lean and laughing for the rest of your life.

Now on to gaining muscle. Take the same healthy recommendations, and then add organic, whole-grain products to increase your calorie intake to the necessary level for mass gain.

If you are not gaining mass, you are not eating enough. It is that simple.

Yes, you will be full all the time, and yes, you will be visiting the bathroom a lot, but you will gain lean mass (with the right program of course) and you will have an easier time getting really lean when you are ready to do so.

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