AC What are the three best tips for fat loss

My #1 tip for fat loss is to cycle your calories and your carbs. Some people call it the zig-zag method, or you could describe this as nutritional periodization. It's not only powerful, it's physiologically and hormonally correct. Your body has a weight regulating mechanism that could be compared to the thermostat in your home. When your body detects a chronic deviation in the normal levels of food intake (calories too low), and/or there is a deviation in the normal levels of body composition (body fat gets too low), your body makes adjustments to bring you back up to normal just as the thermostat automatically adjusts temperature to bring it back up to a comfortable, pre-programmed level. Carb and calorie cycling is how you bypass your body's normal adaptive starvation response.

The #2 tip is to understand your level of tolerance to carbs and eat accordingly. Why is it that some people lose weight and feel great on a high carb, low fat diet while others are most successful on an Atkins-style low carb, high fat diet? Obviously there are great differences in metabolism and the way each person processes food. Avoiding extremes and balancing the macronutrients evenly might be the best approach for the long term for most body types, but adjustments must be made for each individual.

The #3 tip is to eat natural foods and avoid refined foods. In my opinion this single tip will give more people more mileage than any other nutritional advice, and it's so embarrassingly simple, it's almost like something your mother would tell you (in fact, your mother probably did tell you this!) Jack Lalanne has been preaching it for decades: "If man made it, don't eat it." Regardless of your metabolic type or genetics, everyone can and should follow this advice, and the results can be incredible.

Weight Loss Resolutions

Weight Loss Resolutions

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