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CS: For muscle gain, I'm a fan of lots of healthy foods. I don't go for the "eat a bunch of crap foods just to pack the calories in" approach. It's possible to eat healthfully and consume a lot of useful calories. It may require more work and preparation, but the gains are quality and they last longer. In a nutshell, I'm not wild about mega-calories with rapid fat gain to go along with the muscle. Some naturally skinny young guys and heavy steroid users can get away with it. Most of us can't.

For fat loss, I prefer a "smart carb" approach. It is reduced carb compared to the average diet, but it's not "Atkins induction phase" low. Carbs should come from a post and maybe pre-workout drink. That's about the only simple carbs you get. The rest come from oatmeal, veggies, and a little fruit with breakfast.

The rest of the day, eat lots of protein and healthy fats. I like multiple frequent meals and snacks about ever three hours. Even when dieting down, I get five or six meals per day. I also like to eat smaller meals at night with fewer carbohydrates, and a big breakfast with more carbs. This is key for fat loss and maintenance of fat loss.

Of course, you have to drop some calories to lose fat, but I usually like a smaller drop in calories combined with a small jump in activity (on top of your usual training schedule.) So, eat a little less and choose nutritious foods while doing a little more activity. This is better than dropping to 1000 calories a day and losing just as much muscle as fat! That's a recipe for yo-yo dieting and metabolism damage.

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