AC Thank you for the interview Why dont you start by telling us about your educational or previous career background How did you end up as a fat loss guru

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My educational background started with an undergrad degree in exercise science in 1990. The year I graduated, I received my first certification from the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health Fitness Instructor and I started working in health clubs as a personal trainer. I later became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and certified personal trainer (CPT) through the National Strength And Conditioning Association. I also became heavily involved in health club management.

I think I came to specialize in fat loss because I had such a hard time losing fat myself. I started training when I was 14, but never had ripped 6-pack abs until I did my first bodybuilding competition at age 20, even though I tried for years. That fueled my desire to learn everything I could about fat loss - especially nutrition. I became a voracious reader, and I experimented with diets to the point of becoming a "human guinea pig."

Even after I understood the process, I was fascinated with pushing myself to further extremes of low body fat - without drugs. Many people say you can't get ripped to shreds without drugs, but that belief is totally false. It's very difficult, but not impossible. Being a natural competitive bodybuilder and not having freak genetics forces you to learn what really works for fat loss, and you can't "get away with" dietary and lifestyle indiscretions because you don't have those crutches to lean on. It's just you and your diet and your training.

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