AC Other than eat less or eat more how would you tweak those recommendations for fat loss or for gaining size

LM: Not as much as you'd think. Once you start thinking in terms of fundamentals, you find that one of my mass gaining diets won't look much different than a fat loss diet, the biggest difference will be caloric intake (protein intake often goes up slightly on a diet). So a dieter will be eating sub maintenance with adequate protein (say 1 g/lb bodyweight), ensuring EFA intake (fish oils) and the rest of the diet depending on the situation. Someone looking for mass gains will still be getting their 1 g/lb of protein, their fish oils, but they will be eating more total calories, from some combination of carbs and fat. And, yes, you read that right, you need more protein when you're dieting than when you're trying to gain mass. If I had to sum it up, within the context of my baseline diet, for dieting you reduce carbs, for gaining you increase them. Mainly because I tend to keep protein and fat intake fairly static (again, depending on the specifics).

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

I already know two things about you. You are an intelligent person who has a weighty problem. I know that you are intelligent because you are seeking help to solve your problem and that is always the second step to solving a problem. The first one is acknowledging that there is, in fact, a problem that needs to be solved.

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