AC Ok youve got 8 weeks to get Mr Smith ready to be a Hollywood action hero Hes about 30lbs overfat What do you do

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THIRTY POUNDS in 8 weeks? I send his fat ass to you! Seriously though, if Mr. Smith were a bodybuilder or seasoned athlete, I would first chew him out for getting 30 lbs out of condition. No athlete should allow himself to get 30 pounds out of peak condition, let alone expect to get back into peak shape in 8 weeks.

I would help Mr. Smith lose the most fat possible in 8 weeks and push hard for a "results not typical" type of transformation, but I wouldn't guarantee 30 pounds of "fat loss." That would be quite a feat for a genetically average person who is not using drugs. If he wants 30 pounds of "weight loss" and he doesn't care if a lot of it is muscle and water, that would be easy, but I would be sure to explain the difference between fat loss and weight loss before we started.

I would tell Mr. Smith that if we achieve 1.5 - 2 lbs of fat loss per week we are doing well and if we have a week with 2.5 - 3.0 lbs of fat loss, we are doing fantastic and that would be better than average results. In the first week going on restricted carbs, greater weight loss would be likely, but that initial weight loss will include water weight.

Given the time restriction, I would start from the first day with an aggressive and strict program - there would be no gradual "break-in" or "clean up" period. Essentially, it would be almost the same as a bodybuilding competition diet. We'd dive right in with a carb cycling program 3 days on low carbs with an aggressive deficit followed by 1 higher carb, higher calorie re-feed day at maintenance or a small surplus. Carbs and calories would be tweaked weekly based on results and how Mr Smith feels.

All processed and man made foods would be off limits. No cheat days. Not when there's no time to lose - he has to suck it up! He gets to eat a lot more every 4th day, but it's clean carbs, not junk. Most days would consist of 5-6 small meals of lean protein, green veggies, good fats with starchy carbs and grains limited and included only early in the day and after workouts. Calories and carbs would be tapered, with only fibrous carbs and lean protein in the evening and no high calorie meals of any kind at night. I would use as much whole food as possible and limit powders and meal replacements to what Mr. Smith needed for convenience.

Weight training would be 3-4 days a week and we would maximize it for fat loss with brief rest intervals, compound exercises and a lot of supersets. Cardio would probably be 6-7 days a week at 30 minutes, but that would depend on his rate of fat loss. Based on weekly results, we would adjust the frequency, intensity and duration of the cardio. All the training - even the cardio - would be done with progression, so we built him up to his peak condition for the day filming starts, the same way we would peak a bodybuilder for the day of a contest.

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