AC Can you tell the reader your educational or previous training background

JH: I earned my degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful campus to go to school at. My goal in college was to become a high school basketball coach. I had always enjoyed teaching and have an extensive background in competitive basketball.

Through a series of odd events I actually ended up walking onto the ASU basketball team, where I learned "the business" of college sports. The sport was no longer enjoyable, and I gained a better understanding of why professional athletes behave the way they do. I don't condone it, but it makes more sense.

My basketball career was cut short after re-aggravating an old back injury causing the loss of feeling in my legs during sprints. The medical staff quickly retired me and I had to move on to something quickly. Having become extremely disenchanted with basketball, I looked for something totally different. Simultaneously, I was working hard to recover from my injuries, and quickly became interested in all aspects of conditioning.

I had been training myself for years, but mostly using bodybuilding methods. Like most young men, I didn't know where to go for quality training information so I hit the magazine stands. I started reading Muscle Media 2000 where I was introduced to people like Charles Poliquin. I was so blown away by his innovative ideas, that I started consuming every book he talked about and began attending a multitude of seminars.

Since then I have interned with Charles Poliquin, become a C.H.E.K Level 1 Instructor, become certified by USA Weightlifting as a club coach, obtained my CSCS from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, become certified as a Russian Kettlebell Instructor, and was one of the first to become a certified Z-health instructor. Whew, that wiped me out!

What all of these programs have taught me, is that no one single person or method contains all the answers, and that what makes a great coach is the ability to take different ideas and concepts and apply them to the appropriate individual or situation. It isn't blindly following any one set guideline or someone else's program just because you became certified by them.

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