Stay Focused

I know it's difficult sometimes to simply go workout and not be influenced by others in the gym. But the lifted that much so I have to do it too" stuff has got to stop. This is not a strength contest; everyone has different levels of strength. How much you lift is irrelevant. It's only a concern of your ego.

Yea, the next guy may be stronger than you, but so what? Does that mean he's a better person than you? Of course not! It just means he bench presses more than you. But that also means thousands of guys bench press more than he does. So what?

You are not training to be a powerlifter. You are in there to improve your body. I'm not the strongest guy in the gym, nor am I the biggest, but I can honestly say that I have a better looking physique that 98% of the guys I see working out. So stop worrying about how much you can or can't lift, and concentrate on working your muscles.

Also, stick to the exercises in my plan. I've seen guys at the gym doing six and seven exercises for chest alone. That is insane! They wonder why they don't get bigger! It's because this is not necessary. You should only do a maximum of 3 exercises per body part. That's it.

You have a very specific schedule that you must get into the habit of following, and it does not include foolishly over-training. So for a few months, at least, just cut it out. If you have to, go to another gym.

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