Your aim is to go down until your thighs are parallel (or just short of) to the ground. This is lower than you think. Some guys do mini-squats where they don't go down very far at all (wasting their time), and others go down all the way (too much stress on the knees and lower spine). Just try to get as close to parallel as you can.

Once at the bottom, don't bounce. Just press straight up. Remember, always start with the legs. As you stand, concentrate on thrusting your hips back in line.

Note: When starting out doing squats, concentrate on form and use light weights and high reps until your trunk stabilizers and lower back muscles have developed enough for heavier weights.

Tips: Knee wraps and weight belts are not necessary when first starting out. They are used to stabilize small knee and lower back muscles when lifting very heavy weights. If you use them, they will impede the necessary development of these muscles.

Do not put anything under your heels while squatting. Make sure you are warmed up and loose before performing this exercise. Prior to your workout, concentrate on stretching your groin, hips, hamstrings and quads.

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