My Current Program

The program that I am currently using is basically a combination of the mass program and the fat loss program that I explained earlier in the manual. It involves cycling my diet and weight training schedule. I first read about this concept in a series of article in Muscle Media Magazine. Though I have altered it to better work with high-gain metabolisms, the goal of the diet is the same. To gain as much muscle as possible, without gaining fat.

What I do is alternate between a high calorie, high fat, heavy-eccentric training program and a low calorie, low fat, low intensity training program. This program has enabled me to continue to increase my weight while keeping my body fat low.

Because I switch programs at specific intervals, I avoid the usual strength plateaus. Once my body thinks it has adapted to one schedule, I switch it. It is continually kept off balance. It also helps me avoid overtraining injuries.

When I switch from my high intensity workout to my low intensity program, my body has a chance to recuperate and rest. Once I return to the heavy training, I am ready to increase my weights and lift heavier. This program is especially useful for guys who are thin, but have high body fat. It will help you to gain weight, while keeping your fat gain to a minimum.

If your current bodyfat is 8% or lower, You will start on the mass phase and closely monitor your bodyfat levels. Once your bodyfat reaches 12%, you will then switch to the fatloss phase. Then, once your bodyfat is lowered to about 8%, you will then switch back to the mass phase. This "cycling" can go on for as long as you like. I have been training in this fashion for almost 12 months, and I'm still making gains! If your bodyfat is higher than 8%, you will start with the fatloss phase and cycle in the same fashion.

I use my bodyfat percentage to determine the length of each phase, but some people use a set period of time. Two weeks has been suggested as an optimal rotation period because studies have shown that hormone levels peak and begin

to decline after 14 days of overfeeding . However, using the bodyfat method works best for me. Everyone is different, so, eventually you may discover a time frame that works better for your body.

29 G.B. Forbes, et al., "Hormonal Response to Overfeeding," Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 49.4 (1989): 608-611.


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