Mass Diet Worksheet

Mass Diet Calculations

Current Weight


Total Daily water intake (multiply line A times .66) x =


Calorie multiplier (I suggest 15-20 times bodyweight)


Total Daily calories (multiple line A times B) x =


Number of meals you will be eating each day Calories per meal (divide line C by D)

Nutrient breakdown in percentages (I use 40-30-30) Protein (divide protein percentage by 100) Carbohydrates (divide carb percentage by 100) Fats (divide fats percentage by 100)

Atkins Low Carb Diet Recipes

Atkins Low Carb Diet Recipes

The Atkins Diet is here. Dr Atkins is known for his great low carb diets. Excluding, Dr Atkins carb counter and Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution.

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